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is an exciting movie series. We just recently saw "Insurgent" the 2nd installment in The Divergent Trilogy. I suppose only an SAT/ACT writer of interactive SAT/ACT books and coach could see the similarities between Tris' efforts to change her society and how a student needs to have a divergent approach in taking the SAT/ACT.


In post apocalyptic Chicago society is divided into 5 separate and divided groups based on an aptitude test taken when you are 16 years old- SOUND FAMILIAR!!! The groups are Dauntless characterized by bravery, Amity whose virtue is being peaceful, Candor characterized by honesty, Abnegation where being selfless is the major virtue, and Erudite characterized by intelligence. Once you get placed into a group you reside in that group for life. Yikes!!


The real enemy to this way of societal structure are the divergents. The divergent don't fit neatly into one group. Tris Prior the most divergent of all is the most feared by the current leadership. She possesses all 5 of the characteristics/virtues of this society. She has the capacity to view her world from multiple perspective and operate among all members freely. The word divergent means moving away from what is expected or deviating from a norm.I encourage my SAT/ACT students to be divergent thinkers.

Let us look at the word divergent itself. Suppose the word shows up on the SAT and you have not seen the word before. One option is the give up and say I have no idea what the word means and move forward. Another option which I explain fully with entertaining videos and audios in my interactive SAT books available for digital download on ibooks - is to think outside the box and use clues in the word itself. You can look at divergent and see the prefix "di" and you might know the prefix means twice and/or split in 2. There is enough information in that prefix to SORT OF KNOW what the word means which allows you a good chance of getting an answer correct.

The very foundation of our country was based on those people who came from other countries precisely because they did not want to live in those classes that society had determined for them. Clearly not all people came here by their own free will. The great vision for Americans has been the belief that change is possible for people, we are not bound to just one group, we can move among different people, and in fact the more diverse and DIVERGENT society is the stronger it becomes. Obviously we have not reached that place but I feel as Ted Kennedy famously said in 1980, "Hope lives and the dream will never die."

For most students relying just on one strength in taking such a challenging test as the SAT or ACT is a risky proposition. I think if you can tap into multiple ways or learning and test taking you will be in a stronger position to do well on the SAT or ACT. My interactive books engage you on a visual, auditory, and tactile level. Honing different senses to prepare you for the test is vital to success. Certainly most of us have a dominant learning style, just like Tris Prior had a primary virtue, but in order to maximize performance I feel we need to have multiple ways to attack the SAT/ACT.

Tris was able to locate a message deep within a heretofore impregnable box. The message allowed her to understand what was needed to change society for the better. Before she broke the code everyone thought society was best run with people segregated and apart. Tris determined the true message was opposite- we must work together in order to prosper. The strategies and formulas you will learn in my SAT Playbooks allow you to decode the mysteries of this challenging test. Many of the strategies you will learn are often opposite to those you currently use. By learning a new message you can succeed where in the past you might not have performed to your expectations.

What made Tris Prior so dangerous to those in charge was her inability to be put in a one static location. She thought outside the box, using multiple senses and abilities to begin transforming the strict and norm bound world in which she lived. What will make you a threat to the College Board and the ACT is your ability attack the tests like Tris Prior- use all your learning styles and senses, don't be satisfied with what you have always done in the past, after interacting with my digital SAT books with my unique proven SAT secret formulas you can take the test in a way you have never done before, and be a true divergent when you take the test. In the chair on that Saturday use the virtues of candor, amity, abnegation, erudition, and dauntlessness to your advantage.

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