Morrill Prep Online's specialities are working with athletes, performing artist, high achievers; we meet you where you stand. We work with you to achieve the necessary SAT/ACT scores that are required from the college of your choice which usually means scholarship monies - many thousands up to a full ride Presidential 4 year scholarship worth $240,000 and up. Many of our students have been successful at obtaining those funds.We believe in being the solution to high college costs.  Our goal with every student is to help parents make college affordable and your child's dreams come true. 


Over 17 years of coaching experience and with the help of the most advanced interactive technology led us to develop one of the most exciting and entertaining SAT/ACT playbooks that are available for purchase on  iTunes - ibooks. The SAT Playbooks are available in 51 countries on ibooks. Coach Morrill's entertaining new online version that is geared toward our students, auditory, tactile, and visual senses is coming soon right here on our website  just like in the ibooks store with over 20 tutoring hours of our secret formulas using videos, audios, and interactive questions and answers. 



"Millions of scholarship dollars have been awarded to our SAT/ACT Sudents"

- Coach Brad Morrill -